Case Results

The below case results were obtained while I was an Assistant Solicitor (criminal prosecutor) for Charleston County; however, they are not a complete list of results. Throughout my career as a prosecutor, I prosecuted thousands of cases, and the ones below are examples either of trial results or were otherwise noteworthy cases. Unlisted are the results of countless cases of all severity levels that I obtained without the need for a trial. These results demonstrate that I possess the necessary skills required to be successful on both your criminal case or your personal injury case at all stages. Those skills include: attention to detail, a strong work ethic and discipline, an analytical mindset, excellent communication and persuasion skills, and perseverance.

For victims of crime, the stakes are never higher than when dealing with the prosecution of a murderer. And, the stakes for the community are extremely high because the family of that murder victim demands and deserves justice. The community requires justice as well because citizens need to know that they will be safe. These victims’ lives were wrongfully and unjustly taken from our community. They were irreplaceable to those families that lost them, and I took the job of obtaining justice for those victims and families very seriously. Now, my goal and desire is to continue to fight for those people whose lives have been stolen by wrongful conduct in the civil world (e.g. car wrecks, slip and falls) as well as those who have been wrongfully accused in the criminal world.

DISCLAIMER: The information on this page should not be construed as a guarantee of any result on your case. No bona fide expectation about how your own case will result can be drawn from these results alone as each case is different and must be looked at in its own unique light. Furthermore, Richard’s prior experience as a prosecutor does not in any way imply that he can improperly influence the government in getting you a better deal than any other attorney. No special treatment on your criminal case should be expected based on Richard’s prior prosecutorial experience, and Richard in no way suggests or implies that you will be given such special treatment by the government. By viewing this site, you consent to the Privacy Policy/Disclaimer contained here: Privacy Policy/Disclaimer.

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Conviction on Obstruction of Justice case.

In this case, the victim’s former boyfriend was convicted of Obstruction of Justice for lying to police in reference to the disappearance of the victim, who has been missing since 2005. As the lead prosecutor on this case, working with the North Charleston Police Department to get a positive result was one of the highlights of my prosecutorial career. If you have any information related to the disappearance of the victim on this case, please contact the North Charleston Police Department.

Guilty Verdict on a Murder case.

In this case, the defendant brutally murdered a tenant living in his trailer since the tenant discovered that the defendant was stealing his money. This was a particularly tragic case that required a high attention to detail to prosecute. Obtaining justice for the victim’s family and then receiving a hug from the victim’s mother was priceless. The defendant was sentenced to life without parole.

Guilty Verdict on an Armed Robbery case.

In this case, the defendant and a co-defendant laid in wait while an unsuspecting sandwich maker had gotten off of work and was walking to her car. They robbed her at gunpoint and fled with her car. This case was challenging for a multitude of reasons and required diligence in putting together a coherent presentation for the jury, which included maps, jail calls, and numerous evidence exhibits. The hard work paid off, and the defendant was sentenced to 30 years.

Guilty Verdict on a Double Murder case.

In this case, the defendant murdered his pregnant girlfriend and the baby she carried inside her. Though I had been exposed to many other violent cases before, this one was challenging in a whole different sense just because of how troubling the facts were. DNA played a large part in the conviction of the defendant for both victims. He was sentenced to two life sentences.

Guilty Verdict on a Murder case.

In this case, the defendant executed his cousin over an unpaid drug debt. This case was very challenging as it was fairly circumstantial, involved uncooperative witnesses, credibility issues with witnesses, required hundreds of evidence exhibits, and required countless hours combing through jail calls to find damning statements made by the defendant. In the end, the hard work paid off and the victim’s family got the justice they deserved. The defendant was sentenced to 40 years.

Guilty Verdict on a Murder case.

In this case, the defendant set up a robbery, which turned into a murder. With our “star” witness being uncooperative and having credibility issues, this case was difficult from the moment it landed on my desk. After a significant team effort to put all of the puzzle pieces together, we convinced the jury that the defendant’s story was a fabrication and that the victim had been preyed on from the start. Receiving the appreciative looks from the victim’s family made the long hours working on the case all the more worth it. The defendant was sentenced to 45 years.

Guilty Verdict on a Murder case.

In this case, the defendant shot the victim a single time with a .22 caliber firearm due to the perceived despicable act of a thrown beer. The tricky issue in this case was that the defendant was trying to claim self-defense. In the end, the jury disagreed with his assessment of the case. The defendant was sentenced to 40 years.

Conviction on Attempted Murder case.

In this case, the defendant shot multiple times at an innocent victim just because the victim, who was an employee of the apartment complex, was being a good citizen by trying to get the license plate of some disorderly men. We spent countless hours preparing this case for trial, and the defendant pled guilty in front of the trial judge on the day of trial. Without such diligent preparation, this result would not have been obtained. The defendant was sentenced to 25 years.

Additional Cases

Guilty Verdict on a Copper Theft case. In this case, the defendant was caught on the roof of a grocery store, having caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage to the store. His intent was to cut the copper pipes to sell for money. He acted as is own attorney (pro-se – this is never recommended) and was ultimately convicted. He received 10 years.

Guilty Verdict on an Indecent Exposure case. In this case, the defendant was seen masturbating on the Ravenel Bridge as he watched women passing by. With the help of credible witnesses, he was convicted.

Guilty Verdict on a Pointing or Presenting a Firearm case. In this case, the defendant pulled a gun on some people while his girlfriend slashed the victims’ tires. The jury convicted him, and he received 5 years.

Guilty Verdict on Assault and Battery 1st case. In this case, the defendant shot at the victim and his vehicle as each man drove in separate vehicles. A recorded phone call between the defendant and the victim solidified the conviction. The defendant received 10 years.

Conviction on an Attempted Murder/Armed Robbery case. In this case, the defendant and three of his friends set up the victim to be robbed via a Facebook Messenger deal. The victim was supposed to sell one of the defendants some shoes, but this defendant and the others had other ideas. We were prepared to try this case; however, this defendant pled guilty on the day of trial and received 10 years. Without the prior preparation, this result would not have been possible.